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​Shenandoah Shores

Recreation permits are available for purchase. Please contact our secretary Sandra Thomas.

Permits are available at a cost of $10 for all Shenandoah Shores members.

Quarterly Water Fees

$101.23 for 0 - 16,000 gallons per quarter.   You will be charged extra for anything over 16,000 gallons at the 2018 rate.

Contractor Info

The Board of Directors of Shenandoah Shores would like all members to keep an eye out for vacant properties and inform a board member should you discover one.  Also, please watch for possible water leaks.  Should you see standing water, please call a board member.  This winter has been mostly dry and we need to watch our water table.

Please remember to check the community sign 

Information from VDOT                                                          
VDOT has issued a letter stating Property Owner's Role.

Property owners are responsible for maintaining any ditches, drainpipes or other drainage systems on their property. Property owners must also keep storm water flowing freely through their land. Grass clippings, leaves and other debris must be gathered to avoid accumulation, which can lead to clogged and overflowing ditches , drains and drainpipes. Raking and bagging leaves also prevents them form blowing and drifting onto adjoining or nearby properties, causing clogged pipes and ditches for neighbors. Please lets do our part to keep our neighbor hood looking its best. Thank you

​​​Property Owners Assoc. and Cooperative Water Association.

Building Fees:         $1,500 - Membership           $3,500 - Tap on Fee          $1,000 - Impact Fee

Water Co-Op

Special/Emergency Meetings

Snow contractor is Adam Dooley

New Recreation Area/Boat Landing

The board is pleased to inform you that we are continuing to use John Lake Paving. Should you have any issues with your road condition, please contact one of the Roads, Grounds, & Safety Board members.