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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve Got Questions — We’ve Got Answers

How do I access the boat landing?

The boat landing and picnic area do require a permit for use. Property owners may request a maximum of two complimentary permits each year. Additional or lost permits may be purchased for $10 each. Please call us for your permit and more information at 540-252-5060 or email us at

Is there a policy on parking?

Unfortunately we do not allow parking on our roads as many of the roads in the Shores are narrow and steep. We also need to maintain clear roads for snow plows and potential emergencies. For the safety of residents, any vehicles parked on the road will be towed at the owner's expense.

Am I allowed to drive my ATV or dirt bike through the neighborhood?

Unfortunately no, you are not able to drive an ATV or dirt bike on our roads. Dirt bikes and ATVs were designed to be off-road vehicles and lack the necessary safety equipment that is required by most street vehicles, such as adequate lighting, signaling, and braking systems. In addition to damaging your tires, riding a dirt bike or an ATV on the road puts you in a dangerous position because you are forced to share the roadway with much larger and more powerful vehicles–vehicles that may have a hard time seeing you.

Will I see any wildlife?

Yes! In addition to deer, you may see the occasional bear, fox, or possum. The Shores is also home to many varieties of birds. Please do not feed any wildlife that you may see, and be sure to keep your distance.

What is a Sanitary District?

A Sanitary District is a special government district that is established to raise additional funds for the maintenance of roads and other items determined by our Property Owners Association. For more information on Sanitary Districts, please visit

What is the speed limit on our roads?

The Shores is full of friendly families, beloved pets, and curious wildlife. To keep our community safe and thriving, all drivers are required to observe a speed limit of no more than 15 miles per hour.

How do I check my property boundaries and tax value?

Warren County offers an interactive mapping system that allows you to check your property boundaries, construction history, zoning designation, acreage, tax value, and more! To visit the County's GIS website, click here:

Which schools will my children attend?

The schools for our area are Leslie Fox Keyser Elementary School, Warren County Middle School, and Warren County High School. For your child's bus stop and schedule, visit Edulog Portal at

How do I request a packet for my real estate closing?

Please contact us at 540-252-5060 or for your real estate closing packet and more information on joining our community. 

Am I allowed to have a bonfire on my property?

Absolutely! Our by-laws only require that you do not leave any fires unattended. However, you should always check the current county regulations before having a fire by visiting the Warren County Fire & Rescue website at

What are the building fees for the community?

To build a property in the neighborhood, you must pay a $2,000 membership fee, a $4,000 tap on fee, and a $2,000 impact fee. As a Sanitary District, we do not collect any building fees directly. All fees should be paid with the Warren County Treasurer. 

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