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Our Board

We are here to serve you!

A board of volunteer directors is responsible for managing the daily functions and financial responsibilities of the Shenandoah Shores Property Owners Association, Inc. (SSPOA) in its maintaining the water and road systems in Shenandoah Shores. The nine Board members are elected on a staggered basis by its members. Members enjoy the benefit of one vote per lot at the annual membership meeting which is routinely held the first Sunday in August. SSPOA is NOT a homeowners association; therefore, membership is voluntary. If you own property in Shenandoah Shores and wish to join, please fill out a membership form which can be found on this website.


There are four Board Meetings and at least eight Work Sessions throughout the year. These meetings are held on the first Monday of each month, except August, at the community fire station. Upcoming meetings will be posted on the sign at our neighborhood entrance. Our full schedule is posted on the Schedule & Events page of this website. Special Meetings or additional Work Sessions will also be posted on the entrance sign and our community website. Property owners are invited to attend each of these meetings.

If you would like to get involved with the Board, please reach out to us at

Charlie Swisher

Roads, Grounds & Safety Chairman


Ken Labarre

Vice President, SSCWA


Tammy Strickland

Articles, Covenants, & Bylaws Chairman

Financial Committee Chairman


Jesse Brooks

Membership Chairman


Sherry Brodnax

Sunshine Chairman


Ari Henrique

Nominating Chairman

Financial Committee Chairman





Eileen Corbin

Vice President, SSPOA


Sandra Thomas


Back-up CWA


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